Zyngard is a MCF member who claims he's older than his page says, and that his other account doesn't work. He

generally stays in Forum Games and Forum Roleplaying, and like Nucleep, Starlight, and 9314265068, is a follower of Darthrafael's many rps. His most used character is a Red Wizard named Zyngard.


Zyngard created his new account on September 30th 2016, and joined Darths rp The Mansion about halfway through. He quickly joined The Box in addition to that. He has joined The Planet, and is currently semi active in Blue Planet, and is active in several RPs, including most of Darths RPs, DTG: Acolyte, Rise of the Coalition, and several other RPs and Forum Games. He currently has only made one thread.


Zyn (as he prefers to be called), by his own admission, is rather lazy and apathetic, and frequently makes sarcastic responses to other people's posts. He is rather uncaring, and occasionally makes arguments just so he won't be bored. He likes puns, and the EBF games, which he and 9314265068 frequently talk about.


Zyngard is on friendly terms with 9314265068, Darthrafael, SparkytheHellcat, Alfieq, Mackerallatorn, and Nucleep. He despises UltraCraftGames with a passion, and is Neutral towards Starlight, but is slowly starting to like him.

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