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Zak_Inc is one of the first to join OC and is also one of the Original Creators. He started by joining the Minecraft Forums sometime during late 2011. He stayed "Up North" until around 350 posts, at which point he discovered forum games and the entire Off-Topic section. After roughly 700 posts he became active in the Offical Chat Thread and stuck to MCF until OC was created, at which point he almost stopped being active on MCF altogether. He still posts there from time to time.


Zak_Inc is 16 years old and is male. He lives in Turkey, and never correctly learned English grammar, which is why he makes spelling mistakes every now and then. He is currently studying accountancy.

He loves cartoons, video games, and watching YouTube. He also enjoys a few TV shows. He is also a brony, and is sometimes known as the "Ponyfag" of the forums. His favorite pony is Lyra Heartstrings. His favorite YouTuber is Daniel Hardcastle (NerdCubed). His favorite musician is General Mumble.

One of his main hobbies is his YouTube channel on which he does Let's Plays of various games. He finds himself hilarious, but isn't quite sure what everyone else thinks of him.


  • Zak_Inc's full name is "Zakariah Anthony Kalina".
  • Zak_Inc has many different usernames, most of which contain his shortened name "Zak".
  • He hates any and all garden work.
  • He has severe hay fever.
  • When Zak_Inc first joined OC, he was assigned the rank of Admin, then demoted to Moderator, then promoted to Admin again and was finally made an Original Creator.
  • The first major flame war on OC (The Technicolor Holocaust) was partially Zak_Inc's fault.
  • Zak_Inc plays Osu!.

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