Vriska jotaku avi

Vividkinz's current avatar.

Vividkinz, also known as Vivid and Vivi, is a long term member and was a global moderator of the OTter community. He is currently a Retired Staff.


The first online sites that Vividkinz actively visited included Neopets and AddictingGames, back in 2001. He mostly only used the Internet for video game guides, Youtube videos, and playing flash games.

Vividkinz didn't seriously interact with Internet communities until sometime in 2008/2009, where he began chatting with people in Chuggaaconroy's comment box. He continued to chat and expand his circle of friends there until he became jealous of a female user's popularity, dedicating his time to harass her whenever he got a chance. Despite being forgiven for his silly mistake, he removed himself from the community for a period of time out of shame. While he was part of Chuggaaconroy's community, he also briefly frequented SuperSkarmory 's comment box chat and forums until losing interest in it after the forums switched hosts.

Vividkinz joined the Minecraft Forums on March 15, 2011, mostly residing in the Off Topic section. Before then, he frequently browsed Suggestions and Show Your Creations, offering critique and recommendations whenever possible. Ever since he encountered Off Topic, he has been involved in the MCF's chat threads and offshoots, including the OTter IRC, the Top Hat Tavern, and MCFT. Unlike the previous online communities he participated in, he did not make any drastic mistakes during his stay. He is currently an active member of Official Chat, although he still infrequently posts in MCF's Forum Games and Culture, Media, and Arts sections. He became a moderator of Official Chat on October 13th, 2013.


Vividkinz is a 16 year old male that currently lives in the United States. He considers himself nice and generally mature most of the time, rarely trolling other users and is respectable to his peers, despite what others may say of them behind their backs.

He is currently pursuing a career in software engineering. His dream job is to be a graphic designer, despite its competitive market and oversaturation.

His current hobbies include digital art, video games, and reading. There was a time when he developed MLP wallpapers for the brony community, but he has ceased almost all signs of creative endeavors due to school and a lack of motivation. He now only does infrequent image edits that only serve to add comedic effect to his posts. The only video game that he consistently plays at the moment is League of Legends.

Vividkinz's sexual orientation is unknown, due to mixed past experiences with both people he met online and in real life.


  • Some MCF users used to think that Vividkinz was a girl. This may be attributed to the fact that he frequently uses female avatars and emoticons.
  • Vividkinz's previous alias was VividYoshi. The name "Vividkinz" was picked up after a user on Chuggaaconroy's chat began to call him that.
  • Vividkinz is slighly narcissistic.
  • Vividkinz is friends with kernymi and Corvo.
  • Vividkinz is 100% Filipino.

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