• Sgt. Traveler

    New Username/Alias

    October 21, 2013 by Sgt. Traveler

    I reckon you, things here will sound silly. Carry on reading if you want, stop here if you won't.

    Hi. I'm Sgt. Traveler. Or...I was Sgt. Traveler. I've been considering about changing my username for quite a while right now and I've finally made the move earlier today; the first move was on my Twitter because of how easy name changing works there.

    Here's a little story about the current username. Back in 2009, I asked for a name change in a forum from my very first username "Robotic234" (which is boring, generic, and gross at the same time; it also coincides with my 2007 e-mail which wasn't funny I know). I had it, but I wasn't happy with that new name change (It was "IndonesianYCM" (I'm Indonesian, and the forum was Yugioh Card Maker) which w…

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