Toylore was a member of the original MCF Chat Thread, later moving to MCFT, then OC prior to them being shut down. Toylore originally joined MCF under the username Ownageburst279, later changing it to his current username. He mostly lurked on MCF, but later became one of the few active members of MCFT and later a regular on OC.

About Edit

Toylore currently lives in Cornwall, England as he completes the remainder of his post-secondary education before moving to Bournemouth for University.

Toylore has a keen interest in all things technical, much of his time during the MCF-OC era was spent learning about and building computers. More recently, Toylore developed interests in anime, drawing, and music.

Outside of OC Edit

Outside of OC, Toylore also runs his own gaming clan: C.GOD. He started the clan with a few real-life friends whilst playing CS:GO. The clan was originally intended to be a semi-pro CS:GO team, but later became a more general gaming clan.

Toylore the shark

Toylore's latest shark avatar

Laser Shark

Toylore's first laser shark avatar

Toylore became a member of many online communities post-OC, most notably the small chat site Finit. This lead to the creation of his laser shark avatar, which became a characteristic part of his online persona.

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