TheSky's current O.C forum avatar.


TheSky's current MCF avatar.

"You just got knocked the fuck out." - Sky

TheSky also know as Sky, is a user of both OC and MCF. He joined the MCF on May 8, 2013 and the OC forums on March 5, 2014.

About Edit

TheSky was born on January 15, 1996 making him 18 years old. His name is Sky Hall and was born in Florida.

When he was 9 he joined a soccer team after a few months later he joined another soccer team. He prefered to be a goalie and was known by his teammates and coach as a great goalie. He is currently living in Palm Bay, Florida with his 2 cats, Blaze and Midnight and 1 dog, Minnie. On his free time he likes to go on the Internet, read manga, play video games most noteably Megaman. His favorite animes are Doraemon, Heaven's Lost Property, and Pokemon. He is studying computer programming.

Trivia Edit

•Sky likes to play first person shooters but doesn't consider himself a good player.

•Sky has 3 main usernames: TheSky, TheSky343 and TheSkyZX.

•He considers his only best friend Zak Inc.

•The 343 in his username is for 343 industries even though he dislikes them for making Halo 4.

•The ZX in his username is from Megaman ZX.

•He uses Sky in his username because it's his first name, thus his username is TheSky.

•He wants to be game programmer.

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