Tamaki 3

The1Danae's current avatar.

is a loyal member of OC and has been since August 3rd, 2013. She was introduced to the site by Corvo after he left MCFT and joined OC. The1Danae is known for her always cheerful personality.


The1Danae, born on January 3rd, 1996,  is a 17 year old female currently living in the state of Missouri. She is completing her final year of high school and is currently homeschooled and has been for three years. The1Danae spends the majority of her time reading, playing soccer, or Minecraft. She also just recently got back into skateboarding.

The1Danae was raised on a small farm in Iowa and hopes to leave small towns once she graduates from high school. She is not yet sure where she will go, but most likely as far away from Missouri as possible. The1Danae is a very happy person that enjoys making her happiness known. She tries her best to get along with everyone and considers all she has come in contact with on Official Chat to be good friends.

The1Danae is a very open honest person and trusts others too easily. She knows that this causes her a lot of pain when the friendships fail, but she enjoys getting close to people and finds the pain to be worth it. She enjoys making new friends and even if it is only for a short while, she hopes to affect that person in a positive way.

A little family background in The1Danae is that her family is extremely complicated! She has 8 siblings and her parents have both been married three times. Yet she herself has no full siblings, all half. Her stepmother is evil, but so is her father.

The1Danae has a very good reason for her absense and is very sorry she gave no notice. She hopes to get on the forums again soon and is working towards that. She wishes to apologize again and tell every that she IS coming back! 

Forum backgroundEdit

The1Danae is still fairly new to the forum world. Her first forum was the Minecraft Forums and she joined that in March 2013 and shortly after joined the OT thread was closed so she followed a few people to a new place called MCFT. She just recently left MCFT because of a personal conflict and doesn't plan on returning anytime soon. The1Danae is still getting used to the forum world and hopes to stick around for a while. She has had many wonderful experiences since joined MCF is very grateful for the opportunity to meet the people she has from all around the world.


  • The1Danae is homeschooled.
  • The1Danae has no female friends.
  • The1Danae is a bad speller.
  • The1Danae's favorite color is blue.
  • The1Danae's real name is Danae.
  • The1Danae's favorite food is a pickle.
  • The1Danae plays the guitar, piano, and sings.

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