ThatOneCrafter, also refereed to as TOC or Crafter, is a member of Official Chat and MCFT.  He is considered to be known for being "unpredictable".


ThatOneCrafter is part of many forum communities, the first being ROBLOX. He eventually left because of the immaturity community and reputation that ROBLOX gathered. Although, he thinks of going back to ROBLOX soon when he gets a new and improved computer.

ThatOneCrafter listens to Dubstep, Synthpop, and electronic music. He is also a huge fan of Skrillex.

ThatOneCrafter is normally easily angered and always picks fights. Though, he can be somewhat friendly when calm.

ThatOneCrafter is a frequent user of the internet. When he isn't on the internet, he normally watches TV or anything that occupies him. He also does not like going outside.

He has a huge interest in Oneirology, Psychology, and Philosophy. ThatOneCrafter used to study the psychology of dreams (Oneirology) but then gave up and is soon going to start looking into Astral Projection and the spirit realm.


  • He is left handed.
  • His favourite food is pancakes.
  • He does not play any sports.
  • He doesn't like apples.
  • He watches anime, his favorite being Serial Experiments Lain.
  • He considers himself to have a unique personality.

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