Tef's current avatar on OC.
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First AKA: Tucking_Fypo
Second Associated Sites: Official Chat, Minecraft Forums
Third Status: Active
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Tef, also known as Tucking_Fypo, is OCelot and former OTter. Joining Minecraft Forums on November 30th 2011, he accumulated over 13,000 posts and was well known in both Off-Topic and Upper Forums. Currently permabanned on MCF since September 8th 2013, he now resides in Official Chat (joining July 11, 2013) and is a frequent user there. Tef was one of the runner ups in the King of OC contest.

Personal LifeEdit

Tef is known to be a fan to the Halo video game series and often uses the protagonist, Master Chief, as his avatar. Besides Halo, Tef enjoys LA Noire, the Grand Theft Auto series, and Minecraft. Tef also enjoys music, a couple of his favorite artists are Depeche Mode, Queen, Eminem, Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg and other gangsta music from the 90's. Tef was born in 1999.

Relations With Other UsersEdit

Tef has a group of friends on OC and MCF, these include Ghastkin, Funkybub, and his in real life friend Watty_Banker

In Popular CultureEdit

His alias "Tucking_Fypo" has become a small meme amongst OTters, often used when someone makes a typo. Tef was one of the users featured in The Cops.

Origin of "Tef"Edit

Tef thought "Tucking_Fypo" was quite long. So one day on a chat thread, people started calling each other nicknames. Tef saw the chance, so he asked the people of forum on the chat thread what he should be called. A member named "Zhriz" suggested "Tef". Since then, Tef loved the nickname, and he started using it.