Snake, also known around the internet as Salatier, is a Canadian OC user and, as of March 31st 2014, moderator. He was once an active user of the Minecraft Forums, but is now exclusively active on Official Chat, which he joined on November 12th, 2013. Although he is a member of MCFT , he is currently inactive.

Dp avatar

Snake's current avatar


Born in Toronto, Canada, Snake is finishing his last year of high school, after which he will be attending university. He maintains a generally positive outlook on life, and enjoys both spending time with friends, as well as time alone. When either alone or with friends that play video games, he frequently plays games like Team Fortress 2, DayZ SA, Gary's Mod, and Insurgency.

Snake loves many genres of music, ranging from classical to rock to electronic dance music. His favourite artists include Skream, Burial, Beethoven, and Led Zeppelin. Snake also cosiders himself something of a 'dubstep elitist', believing that the popular, mostly American, dance music currently labeled 'Dubstep' should not be. He believes real dubstep should remain separate from the newer genre, as the two styles have very few similarities. He also enjoys creating electronic music in his spare time, which is often heavily influenced by an assortment of artists. 

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