Shenanigans Subforum

The Shenanigans Subforum
 was a subforum in Official Chat which was used for creating pointless threads that would either be locked or considered spam if posted in other areas of the forum. Located in the "Other" section on October 13th, 2013, it is generally regarded as having mixed criticisms.

As of 27th of October, the section has been permanently hidden from public view, however, its contents can still be archived from staff. The subforum has been replaced with the Shenanigans thread, stickied in the Other section.


Strontium created the idea when he wanted a subforum for useless threads and general spam posts. Evelyn, an OC Staff Maintenance, went and created the subforum for Strontium. In the thread asking for it, Evelyn spawned a certain popular quote, "Wait... are we seriously discussing the difference between crap and crap?"


The subforum shares a great controversy surrounding its creation, one of the largest critics being danthonywalker. Noted for its immaturity and useless threads, it is an argument that the subforum is only encouraging spam behavior outside of the subforum, rather than its original purpose which was to contain it. Other general arguments such as it doesn't give the forum a good reputation have also been made.

A poll was created by Phrossbite to gather user opinions on the subject. Shortly after, Shenanigans was removed from regular user access.

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