His current avatar on mcft and twitter

RunesGuy, also known as RoonsGuy, Roons, runsgy, and Roonsguize, is a Dutch OTter, who used to be active on MCFTOC, and MCF's Off-Topic section before the two former sites got shut down.


Roons was born on the 5th of May, 1998 in the village of Ameide. He likes games like Civ V, Command and Conquer, HL2, Dead Space, Portal, etc., and he also listens to music such as rock and metal.

Forum HistoryEdit

Roons started "foruming" on the RuneScape forums and on Sporebase quite a long time ago. He joined MCF on July 7, 2011. After a year in the "upper forums" he moved down to OT, where he started lurking in Computer Science and Technology section, then went down even further to the Forum Games, and then back to General Off-Topic, where he joined the Chat Threads somewhere in November/December 2012.

After the death of the Chat Threads, he went to MCFT, where he happily resides. He eventually joined OC after being "bored".


  • His avatar depicts Edward Elric from the Anime Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • He likes to abbreviate words.

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