One of Rory's new avatars.


One of Rory's older furry avatars.

Rory is a OCelot, ex-Second Generation OTter. Joined Minecraft Forums in 2011.

Rory used to browse the Minecraft Forum's Official Chat-Thread until it was shut down, He then took a years break from it and through a series of strange events found out about Official Chat. His username on most things is "Rory". He appreciates fine art, mathematical excellence and the importance of brushing the backs of your teeth. In his spare time he programs games, makes websites, and watches Doctor Who. He spends a lot of time on the chat threads and barely leaves the house.

Rory is a freelance programmer who has worked for hire for both individuals and companies, he attends collage during the week days. He studies Maths, Computing, Psychology, Physics at A-Level. He plans to study Computing Science at Uni.

Rory is a closet furry (A blue winged fox) but he tries to keep it out of the center of attention.  

While online Rory is very flirty in real life he is actually extremely shy, especially around girls. He is also famously bad at English spelling an punctuation.

Rory knows many programming languages including C, C++, HTML, PHP, Java, Ruby and GML. Rory can also read and write almost fluently in German but can't speak it very well, one day he plans to learn Japanese. He also plans to move to a different country such as South Korea, the USA or Germany.

Rory is quite anti-social but enjoys talking to people on OC. He considers everyone his friend. Q is his best friend both online and IRL. 

Rory considers Eve to be the only one that is more intelligent than him in the field of computers.


  • Rory enjoys playing Dota 2.
  • Rory is a member of the glourious PC gaming master race.
  • Rory is very shy.
  • Rory is known to be very difficult to offend.
  • Rory is very forgiving.
  • Rory is very tall. (At the age of 16 he was 6.5 ft tall).
  • Although he spent a good amount of time on the Minecraft Forums Rory doesn't play Minecraft anymore.
  • One of the older Otters!

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