One of Riptide's favorite avatars.

Riptide, real name Robin Ave, is a 15 year old male who currently lives in Florida. He was one of the first people to join OC, and is an Original Creator. He joined OC on July 8, 2013.


Fear me you lords and lady preachers by ponykillerx-d5kl6lg

Riptide's favorite, and most used, avatar.

Riptide joined the Minecraft Forums on November 13, 2011 and has made 1600+ posts there. He has many nicknames, including Rip, Rippy, Robin, BIrd Bird, and Ripney. He enjoys reading, running, watching Rhett and Link, chatting on OC, and playing Terraria.

Riptide has also helped with a few videos made by another OC member, Zak_Inc. Riptide considers himself to be friends with most, if not all, people on OC. However, his best friends are Crenox, Phrossbite, Zak_Inc, Diplout, Ben, Randomness, and Blobman.

Riptide is trying to learn a handful of languages, including French, German, and Italian. He also had a hand in the Split Personality Incident in the Chat Thread, when he started talking in cyan text to himself in order to fill some of the chat thread's death moments. Riptide is also victim to a nightmare that just won't go away. There has been some help offered to him by Orangeclaw and Mercury Z Infusion, but to no avail.


Riptide's current avatar


Riptide was born in Yorkshire, England on July 11, 1998. Despite not being social, he knew the area and made friends in real life. On October of 2012, Riptide moved from England to the state of Florida in the United States. The change was significant for Riptide, changing his behavior and found himself becoming more social with his peers.

Riptide became interested in the online world in August of 2012, when he finally became an active poster of Minecraft Forums. After a sudden break, he came back in March of 2013, and found out that the Chat Thread was gone. Despite not participating in the Chat Thread, Riptide was dissapointed because he found it made the Off-Topic section of Minecraft Forums lively.

It was around this time that he started making new friends online, like Pwnguin, Zak_Inc, Diplout, Orangeclaw, AdduxP, Phrossbite, Samiboula, and many others. The ones he found himself talking to the most, however, were Zak_Inc, Orangeclaw, Pwnguin, and Phrossbite.

Riptide has started a few trends on the OC forum. In late November, 2013, he started using "propaganda poster" avatars. Several people have joined the bandwagon, which include Phrossbite, HomieRicky, Zak_Inc, and Mertin The Wizard.


  • Riptide is left handed.
  • Riptide plays soccer.
  • Riptides enjoys gaming and artistry.
  • Riptide is a Brony.
  • Riptide likes musical parodies.
  • Riptide is pursuing a career as a FBI officer.
  • Riptide hates being alone at home and in public places filled with people he doesn't know.
  • Riptide has recurring nightmares.
  • Riptide likes to run.