Her current avatar.

"Boredom leads to the darndest things"  -QuattroGro

QuattroGro, also known as DualGro, and nicknamed Dual or Quattro or simply Gro along with her real name being Sinovuyo, is one of the later OC joiners, having joined at 30 July 2013. Known characteristics of her are her obsession with (foreign) languages, especially German and Russian and her tendency to be good at some FPS's .


Currently she lives in a rather big village/small town in the Eastern German hinterland. The cities' name in Sorbian is Rań, and it lies in the state Oberspreewald-Lausitz in Brandenburg. Having been born at the 24th of July in 1997, she is currently 16 years old. As well, she is bisexual, is very interested in weaponry, biology, chemistry, foreign culture and languages and more.

Her life has been up to today the life of every other average teenager, having visited kindergarten, started with primary school with 6 years, afterwards went to Gymnasium (an secondary school type in Germany with higher education standards than normal ones) and still does.

As well, she does have two siblings. She has got one 22 year old brother who has already moved out because he is very busy with studying, and a twin sister she only found out about in October 2013 because of complicated conditions. Said sister currently does live in the Oblast Kaliningrad.

Having never had any serious problems in school, it has been rather easy for her, though in 2010 an accident occured to her that changed her life completely. Subsequently she became mute, she wasn't able to talk to anyone anymore which became a rather big hurdle in everyday life. Apart from that she does have multiple personalities, also is suffering from paranoia and has an light form of ADHD.

Foruming HistoryEdit

Having been not really active in MCF at first overall, she discovered the MCF Chat Thread in February 2013, thus getting the opportunity to conversate and meet a lot of new people. But since the OCT got shut down soon, she moved to mcft, having settled down there for an while.

After a very good friend of hers, Togfan, told her about OC, she registered there and learned about the place. First having been not that active, she abandoned MCFT later and entirely moved to OC then.

In October of 2013, she found out she had a twin sister that she wanted to spend time with. Togfan needed to tell the OCelots short after. Gro is not planning to return.


In general, she is very open to meeting and talking to new people, always tries to be as friendly to others as often as possible, and is most attracted to Togfan.

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