The Profanity Ban Incident, also referred to as the Swear Word Incident, was an incident involving the implementation of a rule focusing on limiting profanity around October 2012. Devised by citricsquid, he justified the implementation as something to benefit the "family friendliness" of the Minecraft related section. It has created great tensions among OTters. These rules are still in effect today.


The profanity rules are located in the "Do Not" section of the rules list on

"As a family friendly forum we censor all profanity, however the censor is not excuse to still swear; all posts that contain any instance of profanity will be removed. This includes abbreviated curse words, profanity with acronyms, and profanity within pictures. Self censoring is not allowed"


The profanity rules, while strict on MCF, are not enforced within MCFT. Users may use profanity (to certain extent) if they please here.

Official ChatEdit

The users on the offshoot forum, Official Chat, may use profanity to their pleasure as long as it's not used to offend someone else.


Suggestions for a ban of profanity have been suggested numerous times before the Fall of 2012, but were denied as it was "too difficult" to set at the time. Supposedly, citricsquid finally considered the idea when he received a few messages from concerned parents regarding profanity. After a few weeks of talking it over with other staff the rule was finally set in October 2012.


The profanity ban intially received indifferent, to mixed, and negative reactions. This lead to tensions growing within the OTter community. Eventually a number of OTters rebelled against the profanity ban and created a splinter forum known as "OTter Forums." By January of 2013 most of the users were able rekindle and adapt to the rules. The profanity ban is often considered to be one of the darkest times in OTter history and damages left by it are still left seen.


The profanity ban has received numerous criticisms, even a year later, some users still dislike it. A common criticism is that the rule is too vague and different moderators have different opinions on what is profanity and what is not.


criticsquid's post of SCOORGIN WITH A GREG.

On January 27, 2013, citricsquid posted the video "SCROOGIN ON A GREG" on the Video Receptacle Thread. The video contained multiple repetitions of the word "fuck" but was supposedly allowed since citricsquid wrote "contains profanity" above the video. This caused an uproar among OTters since no one was allowed to post videos containing profanity, even with a warning beforehand.

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