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Poli, also known as Polie and Poli58548, has been a member of the Chat Thread since January 2013. He was an active contributer, however, his activity has vastly dwindled. He generally seems to talk negatively about himself, but has a happier side that he apparently hides.


Poli came to the Minecraft Forums in November 2011. As Poli was new back then, he usually posted in the server section, advertising his Minecraft servers. He also hired a modmaker, Altrasoft, who helped him make a mod called the dibb mod. However, both of them lost interest in producing the mod in late 2012, leaving it not up to date.

Soon, Poli restarted his second server, where he met kola2DONO. They became good friends, and Poli was eventually promoted to adminstrator on the server. He became an admin along with 4 other people: JEMEY1, mcAtamney, exteme725 and sebastimine (who lives 100 meters away from Poli's house).  He doesn't talk to kola2DONO much anymore, mainly due to the server being taken down. He still talks to them from time to time over Skype, though.


In December, Poli received an infraction from former MCF moderator, Raynbow. He really liked his avatars and his attitude in general, so Poli contacted him via forum PM. Raynbow kept replying to whatever PM he sent him and it turned out as something he thought was 'good', so he showed Poli Off Topic/Chat Thread, of which, he really enjoyed being there. Eventually, Poli was invited to the OT Skype group at some point of March 2013, but he wasn't very well recieved. So, when they took down the Chat Thread in March, Poli was still in the group.

He moved onto MCFT, which had no rules at the time. Poli used MCFT for about a month, until April of 2013, which was when he started to learn about himself. In June, Poli was better recieved, and was starting to get friends with people who used to frequent the Chat Thread. When the chat PM was created, Poli joined it and stayed with it for a while until OC was made.


  • Sometime in March 2013, Poli became a brony. He didn't really watch MLP: FiM, but he just generally liked how the ponies were drawn. Eventually, Poli started watching the show.
  • He is one of the youngest OTters coming in at 12 years old.

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