Phrossbite (AKA Phross, Frostbite, Triple_X)Edit


Phross in his dope ski threads.

Name: Connor

Age: 19

Gender: Male


One of the early members of OC. He joined within the first couple of days after being invited by Orangeclaw . Known for his Photoshop skills, he quickly spammed the forum with unsanitary images. One, in particular, almost destroyed the site in what was called "The Technicolor Holocaust ". It was a .gif made for Zak_Inc , but it was spammed through dozens of pages and started a brutal flamewar. 

Phross is also a skier, and as such, may try to employ "gangster lingo". Ex: "Dawg", "Bro", "Steeze", "Swag", "Mad Props," etc. He is also somewhat fluent in Spanish, and has a habit of throwing Spanish phrases in with a bunch of English phrases. This seems to annoy a few members because they don't understand Spanish, but Phross holds the opinion that it is "educational" to other members.

Phross was once Triple_X on the Minecraft Forums, but then his life took a tragic turn and he left for a while. He came back in the early summer of 2013 because he was bored and had nothing else to do.

OC was once hosted by prophpbb. While it was free, it was inconvenient because mods could not be installed, much to the chagrin of many users and staff. Phross, who was a moderator at the time, made a new site with the domain name of . Phross initially knew nothing about hosting a site, and single-handedly managed to destroy it within the first day while trying to install modifications. Over time, he learned, and installed many mods that made the site more user-friendly.

Phross is now in college, and is not as active as he once was.

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