Orangeclaw was the second person to join the OC, after Crenox, and is therefore an Original Creator. He was also the creator of the Chat PM. 


Orangeclaw has his friends and foes. His one major flaw is not thinking before saying something. He's know for either starting or getting involved in heated arguements. Sometimes Orangeclaw may be pretty notorious and can be set off easily. Because this, many members think he should be stripped of his staff status. 

On the other hand, Orangeclaw is a helping hand to many and is always there for a friend. In return, Orangeclaw passionately values his friends, some of them being Riptide, Ben, Phrossbite, Zak_Inc, Randomness, Mercury Z Infusion, Diplout, and so on.

Orangeclaw joined the Minecraft Forums in December of 2012, and began posting in Minecraft-related sections. In January of 2013, he strayed upon the Off-Topic section and became an active member. After the Chat thread close in March, and MCFT opened up, Orangeclaw became a strong opposer to MCFT and made it a goal to get the Chat Thread back.  In June of 2013, Orangeclaw created the Unnoficial Chat Thread in a PM Conversation, and invited the most frequent chatters. It was a huge success, and many were satisfied by the PM. About a month later after the Chat PM's beginning, Orangeclaw was messaged by Crenox about the Chat PM. Crenox expressed his ideas about a whole new site for chatting, and Orangeclaw said he would do what he could to help. Orangeclaw was tasked with brining back 3 staff members to help moderate from the beginning. He fetched Riptide, Ben (known as Pwnguin on MCF), and Zak_Inc to assist with the creation. Orangeclaw officially joined the OC on July 8th, 2013, around an hour after it had been created. His activity level on OC was extremely high until September when it suddenly dropped for education reasons. His activity level began increasing again in December.

Personal LifeEdit

Orangeclaw is a 15-year-old male who's real name is Garrett. He lives in Colorado, as he has his whole life. He isn't the most social person at school, and has trouble finding what to say in a conversation. H doesn't know what will ever bring him out of his metaphorical cacoon. He wastes away his time alone playing video games and surfing the Internet. He enjoys being alone, but doesn't mind caring people around him. His friends often turn to him for assistance, including ones in love.


  • Orangeclaw struggles to live up to his potential.
  • Orangeclaw is a pessimist.
  • Orangeclaw likes playing basketball and enjoys watching football.
  • Orangeclaw does not share his values with people he does not trust 100%.
  • Orangeclaw hates horror movies.
  • Orangeclaw hates to run.

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