Official Chat has its own set of user permission groups that range in powers that allows individuals to have over their forum experience. The main user groups can be found on the bottom of the Official Chat home page in the "Legends" row.

Registered UserEdit

This group is for individuals that have signed up correctly. They gain all normal member permissions, such as posting, creating new topics, etc. A full list of all OC members can be found by clicking on the "Registered users" tag on the Legends row.

Global ModeratorEdit

Moderators have access to all moderating tools and features. That includes the Moderator Control Panel (MCP), access to the staff forums, and the power to warn/ban users. Moderators include:

Original CreatorEdit

Original Creators are the ones who had the idea of founding the Official Chat site. They have moderation and administration powers (access to the MCP and the ACP), and mainly administrate over regular users. Original Creators include:


Admins try to keep the site running as it is. They add new features (upon request), remove features, and also are in a moderation role. They have access to the ACP and the MCP. Admins include:


  • There's a hidden user group called "King of OC." While not visible on the legend, the group can be found by accessing danthonywalker's OC user page.

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