OC-MC was a Minecraft server for the members of Official Chat (that never happened) created by OC members Mertin The Wizard and RunesGuy. It was going to run vanilla and would've been using a map generated and created by Blaster. The server was expected to be released in the week of Halloween 2013.


OC-MC came up as an idea one morning on Official Chat. The creator, Mertin The Wizard, made a thread for it in the Gaming section to try to organize it. People became interested since it was not a Hamachi server such as the past, no longer existent server created by Hope. Despite some people becoming excited, others are not, most notably danthonywalker, who has stated "home run servers never work out in the end."

Staff ListEdit

This is a list of the former staff for the OC-MC Minecraft server.

  • Mertin The Wizard, acting as Co-Owner and Maintenance.
  • RunesGuy, acting as Co-Owner.
  • Ben, known as Pwnguin, acting as Moderator.
  • Riptide, acting as Moderator.
  • Evelyn, acting as Moderator.
  • WaffleThePilot, acting as Moderator.

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