"Live simply so others can simply live." --Mertin



Mertin's long-time avatar.

Mertin The Wizard (also known as MMGilmartin and FurryDynamite) is an OTter/OCelot who started lurking around the Minecraft Forums on July 30th 2012, and finally signed up on October 7th, a year after the day he bought Minecraft. He is what he likes to call a Generation Two-and-a-half OTter. He is 17 years old, tall, has light brown hair, and has small hands. He loves online Flash games, especially Cookie Clicker, along with his friend Blaster. He is known on OC for using, as described by others, creepy/disgusting avatars, similar to Q. He can also sing, and his favorite song is "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana. He is the proud owner of the OTter Minecraft server named OC-MC, a creative-esque server.


  • He lives in a $500,000.00 dollar apartment in Florida, USA.
  • He loves his Xbox 360. His account name is xFurryDynamitex.
  • He has a dog named Jacob.
  • He loves the snack "Goldfish".
  • He is the oldest, considers himself to be the most technical, and tallest in his grade of 11th.
  • He is the newest brony on OC.

Personal Life of MertinEdit

Robert Gilmartin was born on September 22, 1996 in Providence, Rhode Island, USA to a family that treated him well. He lived there until he was three years old and then moved to New Jersey, USA, then New York, USA. When he was 11, he moved to Florida, USA and has lived there ever since. He loves skateboarding, video games, music, and chatting with all of his OC friends.

Friends And FoesEdit

Mertin's Friends (those not listed are acquaintances):



Mertin's other profiles on various sites.

Official Chat -


Minecraft Forums -

Mertin's OriginEdit

Mertin The Wizard met OC when he originally joined the Minecraft Forums in August of 2012. He met lots of people on the Off-Topic section such as Sgt. Traveler, Kaeetayel, Togfan. and Tef. Mertin enjoyed being there until he got a new Xbox 360 for Christmas. He took a break in order to rearrange himself with his real life friends and more Internet friends on his Xbox.

He came back in June and found that the old OTters moved to a new off topic site called MCFT. He joined the site and upon that he sensed that everyone hated him, specifically, a user named King Deus. So he continued being there until Corvo and Abandon Ships recruited him to join OC, of which, he currently is enjoying his stay.

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