Mercury's avatar on page creation

Mercury Z(ed) Infusion, commonly refered to as "Merc", is an OCelot with a strange obsession with somewhat depressing avatars. He joined OC on the 10th of July, 2013, and is an active user of Chat, Forum Games and Roleplay.


Merc used to lurk around in the Suggestions sections of MCF until he decided to make an account. Whilst attempting to create an account, Merc recieved numourous errors that prevented the action from completing.

Some time in May 2013, the account creation process worked. His original name was "SwaggaBackNZ_2". So, his brother gave him his account, which was called "SwaggaBackNZ". He wanted his account to be named that because he was planning on using MCF for Minecraft related purposes, but since his brother already had an MCF account under that name, he added the "2" part to it. While he thought the "The Second" would have sounded better, he didn't decide to fix that.

He eventually ended up discovering the OT. OT eventually became most of his activity on MCF, until MCFT replaced the old Chat Threads. He posted there until he found Official Chat.