MCFT Homepage as of October 10th, 2013

MCFT is a Vanilla Board forum intended for general discussion and chat, and serves as the official replacement for the Official Chat Thread on the Minecraft Forum. It was registered at on March 25, 2013, after MCF administrator citricsquid ended the OCT period. Unlike many forums, MCFT uses HTML instead of BBCode. MCFT ceased activity circa 2014.

Differences From Other ForumsEdit

Forum posts on MCFT use stiles as a replacement to signatures. Stiles are positioned at the top of the post and take up a space of 800x40 pixels. The maximum avatar size on MCFT is 2MB. All avatars are scaled down to fit within a 50x50 box on forum posts.


MCFT officially started as a replacement to the Minecraft Forum's chat threads and was created by citricsquid. After he ended the chat thread period, many of the Chat Thread users transitioned. Since then, many have moved to Official Chat after Corvo's invitation campaign. Many users of Official Chat like to consider MCFT "dead" and "ugly", despite activity contradicting the statement. MCFT was taken down in 2014, likely due to low activity and poor reception from users.


The users of MCFT can be found here.

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