King/Queen of OC was a competition held by Phrossbite (originally proposed by Mertin The Wizard, Attention Whore, and Mercury Z Infusion) to promote the most popular OC member. It was started at the 13th of September and ended at 24th of September. Members were allowed to create their own campaigns to state what they would do if they're elected for King/Queen. The final voting occured in the main Competition thread.


The prizes for the competition were:

  1. Username Color + Custom Title + Custom Badge
  2. Custom Title + Custom Badge
  3. Custom Title


  1. danthonywalker
  2. Dextrous
  3. Togfan (Tog) + Tef (Tucking_Fypo)


  • danthonywalker stated he would intensify his campaign for having everyone have custom titles after the contest.
  • Most of the campaigns were jokes and only there for satirical purposes. Very few campaigns were serious.

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