"It's not what I do that matters." - kernymi

kernymi, (read kern-ee-me), is a member of the OTter Community. He is regarded as the "friendly neighbourhood" person. He was the first user to join the Official Chat Forum that's not an Original Creator. kernymi is one of longest standing OTters, having been active around since 2011. He has accumulated over 16000 post on Minecraft Forums alone. He was picked by the staff of Official Chat on October 11, 2013 as a Global Moderator in order to enforce the site rules. He is currently a Retired Staff.


While kernymi is his current name, he also known as "Vairean" at a couple of points during his forum lifetime.


  • kernymi is Malaysian.
  • kernymi is a Brony.
  • kernymi has a strong interest in Touhou.
  • kernymi plays osu!
  • kernymi has a certain affinity on bunny ear girls.
  • kernymi mostly procrastinates.
  • kernymi considers most of his real life friends as acquaintances.
  • kernymi may sometimes encounter insomnia.
  • kernymi tends to edit his own page a lot and doesn't feel bad about it.
  • kernymi sometimes forgot to finish what he started.

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