*Not to be confused with other user CAN_Archer*

KANArbalist, also known as Arbalist, is an OTter particularly known for his activity on the Minecraft Forums and occasionally MCFT

Forum HistoryEdit

KANArbalist joined the Minecraft Forums on the 13th of February in 2013 upon the recommendation of one of his friends. Although not a fan of Minecraft, in fact actually disliking the game, he became interested into the Off-Topic community of the forums, especially into Official Chat Thread.

After the Official Chat Thread's deletion and its replacement, MCFT, was created, his activity dropped. While sometimes posting on MCFT, his visits would only consist of 2 or so post.

His appearances on the Minecraft Forums have also become more scarce, even joking that his average post-per-day was "0.15." Arbalist attempted to join the splinter community of Official Chat, but was banned briefly after his arrival for unknown reasons.

Personal LifeEdit

Arbalist has stated he lives somewhere in the UK, and frequently talks in British slang. Arbalist confessed he is a fan of rock bands Rush and Led Zeppelin.