Joj's avatar on MCF.


JojHeywood (pronouced jo-j-hey-wood; not jodge-hey-wood), commonly refered to as 'Joj' is an OTter on MCF. He was part of the moderation team, moderating Mapping and Modding before retiring sometime in March of 2013. He frequented on the Official Chat Thread until it was closed. The termination of the thread lead to his departure from the forums. 

In mid October Joj came into the OC community after being linked to the forums through Reddit's PM system, and has since stuck around.


  • Joj is a digital artist, he owns a Wacom 22HD Cintiq
  • Joj makes his own avatars.
  • There's a popular joke based on him known as "Go away Joj."
  • Joj lives in the UK.
  • Joj bleached his hair during the time he was on MCF.
  • Joj used to use the Final Fantasy character "Sephiroth" as his avatar back on MCF, but has now changed it for an illustrated version of himself.

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