Goomb's avatar, as of now.

Goomboliver, known to most as Goomb, is a frequent user of Official Chat since July 13, 2013, and ex-user of the Minecraft Forum Off Topic. He was born on November 2, 2000. Most of his avatars are related to Pingu or Zelda.

Forum HistoryEdit


Goomb's current avatar on MCF, French admiral François-Paul Brueys d'Aigalliers.

Though he had lurked for a while before, Goomb joined MCF on October 26, 2012, to post something on a random thread. Though he had intended to post regularly, his account remained relatively inactive until about January 2013. After posting in "Looking For" section of MCF for a bit, he started posting in Off Topic. After a few months, he gathered a small amount of friends. One was a user named SwordEnchantment, who he bonded with over a shared love of JonTron.

One day, SwordEnchantment asked Goomb, among other users, to be part of a group called the Forum Aspects. Two of those users were Ben and Zak_Inc, who continue to be good friends of his to this day. However, Zak eventually left, and formed Official Chat, along with other users. Following Zak, Goomb joined OC, and continues to reside there. His MCF account gradually became more and more inactive, until he finally left on September 10, 2013, though he may return.


Goomb resides in Upstate New York, where he's lived all his life. He currently is 13, making him one of OC's younger users. He has Absence Epilepsy, which causes him to zone out at random moments. Currently, his interests are in Germany, art, foreign language, history, science, and technology. He has had several bizarre obsessions throughout life, one of which being sports logos, of all things. He regularly plays Team Fortress 2, Zelda, and Civilization. He used to regularly watch anime, but doesn't really, anymore.


  • Goomb's full name is Oliver Andrew Dorfner.
  • Names Goomb's gone by include Goom, Goob (to Zak_Inc), Ollie, and Oliver, his real name.
  • Goomb hates almost all types of seafood.
  • His favorite YouTuber is Jon Jafari (JonTron).
  • Goomb's favorite animal is the otter, for reason unrelated to Off Topic.
  • Friends of Goomb include Zak_Inc, Riptide, Ben, and Kaeetayel.