Era avatar

Flora's current avatar.

Flora, formerly known as NyanNeko (abbreviated Nyan or Neko), is a member of the OTter community.


Flora used to be a part of the Roblox community posing as the user cat348. She left its community as of June 2008 due to a decline in quality.

Flora joined the Minecraft Forums on April 2012. Flora loved the Minecraft Forums and all of its aspects until citricsquid and Curse instigated changes that she disliked, such as the addition of  the "No Swearing" rule. She then quit MCF and stayed at MCFT until finally migrating to Official Chat


Flora is a 21 year old female that lives in New York City. She likes to play video games, especially Minecraft and Team Fortress 2. She says that she has a rather sparatic taste in music, which ranges from electronic music to various kinds of video game soundtracks. Flora is open to be friends with anyone on the forum, offering to help people in any way she can, as long as they are not rude.


  • Flora is sometimes referred to as "Era" on OC.
  • Flora is good friends with Kaeetayel.

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