One of Exilius' Avatars

Exilius, also known by the following personas Uchiwake and Sukui, is a longtime OTter and MCF user. Like Tog, Sukui uses female characters as avatars, though in a less lewd manner. Sukui, despite being involved in Off Topic for a very long time, has only recently joined Official Chat.


Exilius is mostly a strange and anonymous person (even the gender is disputed), and has even admitted to it (with pride). On some occasions, Exilius is a calm and reasonable person, but in other times, completely hyped up to the point of using all caps and huge text. These characteristics depend on the situation and topic of the conversation, and the kind of people present in the discussion. In simpler terms, Exilius adapts his/her/its personality to fit the discussion. 


Exilius, in real life, is an introverted person with a tendency to get involved in awkward discussions. This may be due to the fact that nearly every person he/she/it is familiar with in school he/she considers to be cringey and arrogant. With the right person, however, Exilius can go along well with said individual.


Currently, Exilius's interests are:

  • Touhou
  • Anime (esp. Kill la Kill)
  • Uninterrupted sleep
  • MOBA games.
  • RPs

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