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Mira's current avatar.

Mira, also known as Eve, is an Administrator of Officialchat. She joined OC on the 22nd September 2013. Before that, she has actively been contributing to the Minecraft Forums under the username Medoly in various ways.Edit

Mira became a member of the Administrative team on October 6th, 2013. Seeing as Blootz (a former member of the Site Maintenance team) became inactive, Phrossbite was the only member. Due to Phross being busy with college, he added Mira as she is experienced with managing websites.

In real life, Mira is 21 years old, female and residing in Germany. She is currently attending the fifth year of University, specializing on Web Design. She is working as a freelance web designer from her home, giving her the oppurtunity to either work or just do nothing and browse the internet all day (excluding the time she is at university). She is a big fan of The Legend Of Zelda. She also enjoys playing various indie games.

Other interests/stuffEdit

She doesn't consider herself an 'OTter' or 'OCelot', mainly because she hasn't been actively participating in the MCF Chat Threads. Now considered a meme among the OC users, if something went wrong with the site, or generally anything being wrong, she is always blamed. Although her forum username is Mira, she is still being called Eve by most people. She likes Kill La Kill.

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