Enderkey's most prominent avatar featuring his Cyclops persona.

Ender101key, also known as Creep3rkill3r, Enderkey, E101K_ and Creep3rkil3rCrafting is the officially unofficial cyclops of MCF , MCF-OT and MCFT . He originally joined the Minecraft Forum in November of 2011 and joined MCFT and OC in July and August of 2013, respectively. His profile picture (pictured on the right) has remained generally unchanged for a long time. His interests include computers, video games, and internetting.

Enderkey is 14 years old as of February 2014 with his birthday is in January. His forename in real life is Thomas. He refuses to give out his last name for confidentiality and anonymity.


Enderkey lives near the city of Newcastle in England, and currently attends secondary school in his 9th year. He built his first computer in December of 2012, and has since then taken up computers as a hobby and an interest. His interest in computers started in late 2012 as an idea for a christmas gift. After lots of research on the Computers, Science and Technology subforum of MCF, he decided to build his own computer.

Enderkey has been diagnosed with High Functioning Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Dyspraxia and had open heart surgery when he was 8. He often thinks of himself humourously as "the stereotypical neckbeard, but without the beard." 

His interest in video games came from when he was a child. He used to enjoy games such as Pokemon, Sonic (specifically Sonic Heroes at the time) and various Lego games. 

Relation to the Minecraft Forums.Edit

While Enderkey cannot remember the reason why he originally joined the Minecraft Forums (possibly just to link with the Minecraft Community), he quickly discovered the Off-Topic section and thought it was "generally okay". 

The subforums he likes the most are "General Off Topic", "Computers, Science and Technology" and "Culture, Media and Arts".

He is (unofficially) the official Cyclops of the Minecraft Forums. This probably originates from his old Minecraft Skin that he made, featuring a cyclops in a blue creeper shirt. Oddly enough, he has little interest in Minecraft anymore.


  • He is right handed
  • He actually has two eyes.
  • He has an IQ of 131.
  • Before he built a computer, he generally played games on his Xbox 360. He still occasionally does.
  • He has accounts on Steam, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Youtube, Tumblr and Reddit.
  • He was formerly a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but dropped out of the fandom periodically. He currently does not classify himself as a fan anymore.
  • He does not have a favourite colour.

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