Counting Games are a type of forum game where a users count to a specific number (I.E. 1 million), sometimes they must count to this number before another user breaks the chain by posting a set combo breaker. While very popular in the early years of Minecraft Forums, they have recently declined popularity.

An example of a counting game, Try And Count To 50 Before Someone Posts a Meme.

Set Up and RulesEdit

To set up the game the OP must set a specific number such as 10, 50, 100, 1 000 000, etc, the OP then is given the option to add a specific combo breaker for the game. These combo breakers may be anything from an image post, a user with a specific rank (I.E. moderator, admin), a specific user (I.E. Notch, citricquid), a user belonging to specific fandom or group (I.E. Bronies, Anime fans, Steve avatars) a song, etc. 

With these things set the game is ready to play. The user after the OP would post "1" and the user after him/her could post "2" or he/she may choose to post a combo-breaker. The objective then is reach the specific number before a combo breaker is posted.

In some case the game could end if someone posts a combo breaker.


There are several variations on the tradition counting game:

  • Infinite counting: Same rules apply however there is no specific number.
  • Tug of War counting: Here users have the option to post either +1 or -1 creating a tug of war game. The OP may chose to make teams of the positive and negative integers.

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