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Blaster, also known as Blaster395 is one of the earliest users of MCF and current user of OC . He is currently not banned from MCF, although he is a heavy critic of their policies.

Forum HistoryEdit

In the ancient era before MCF existed, Blaster begun playing Minecraft during May 9 of 2009. At this time, the game had less than 5,000 players. A small precursor forum to the MCF also existed which Blaster used. Incidentally, Blaster actually joined MCF 2 days after it was created on June 15 of 2009.

For a long time he was mostly a user of the Suggestions and Minecraft Discussion sections. However, he eventually migrated to the Off Topic section as his Minecraft activity became more sporadic. Although he continued to contribute maps and ideas to the other sections of the forum by 2011, this activity had almost ceased.

Over time, Blaster became increasingly disgruntled with the moderation team and MCF as a whole. The first incident was when Curse changed the layout to include a huge quantity of advertisements, although no action was taken. Later, when the no swearing rule was implemented, he migrated to the OTter forum and, being the only member with previous experience of the Forumotion interface, became the defacto Administrator of the site.

The OTter forum slowly died over the months due to a lack of new members until by March 2013 it was effectively dead. Blaster moved on to join MCFT but he left after it was deemed inactive.

In August 2013, Blaster joined OC. Despite being with this all from the start, he is still somewhat of an obscure OTter.