The AN Family is a trend created by CAN_Archer as parody of his username. Being an AN requires you to have a username that ends "an" (e.g. DAN) if your name doesn't end with that CAN will create one for you. After that, a suffix is optionally added (e.g. _Archer) The dividing between the name and suffix varies from underscores to no division at all.


In the summer of 2013 CAN_Archer had plans for a web-comic strip called Golden AN featuring him and user KANArbalist. The strip was oringinally supposed to contain people with names ending with "AN" so CAN created a handful of them such as QUAN and SEGAN. At one point users started asking CAN to 'AN' their names so he did so. CAN still does this today even after he shelved Golden AN.

Users in AN FamilyEdit

  • CAN_Archer: CAN is first member of the AN Family and the creator of it. He is usually the one who decides people's identities for the AN Family.
  • KANArbalist: Arbalist is supposedly the second member the AN Family as his username is under the definition of what makes and AN Family member.
  • Dextrous(BORAN): Dextrous asked CAN to make him an AN name but when CAN couldn't come up with an identity Dextrous suggested "BORAN" as it sounded similar to "boring" which is what CAN often accused Dextrous for being. Dextrous does not have a suffix in his name.
  • Danthonywalker (DAN-Annie): Danthony did not ask to be in the AN Family, CAN just inducted him in as his name was easy to work with. The suffix "Annie" was given as a reference to the character Annie from League of Legends.

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