User CAN_Archer -snipping- a post containing an image on Official Chat.

-snip- or snipping is when a user cuts out an image, video, or wall of text in a quote. This is often done to make a cleaner and smaller post.


Snip means to cut down or for small pieces to be clipped off. Just like how users cut off areas of text in quotes.


Snipping is mainly used to cut downs unimportant text or large pictures and videos. Usually a "-snip-" takes their place but users may also just leave the area blank. Sometimes users would put comedic effect to a -snip- such as "-wall of text-" or "-OMG snip-."

Acceptance Edit

-Snips- are almost always recieved with an indifferent but sometimes positive reaction. Though not officially a rule on any forum,  -sniping- is usually expected from users who quote posts with videos, images, walls of text, etc. Mods sometimes will edit and add -snips- to posts that have excessive amounts of bloated information.


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