Xymydyn, also known as Sgt. Traveler, ◦IKAYAKI.FEVER◦ or KuroKibo, is a member of the OTter community. He is currently an inactive member of MCF, and an active member of OC since 17th of July. He also made the logo for the OTterpedia.


Sgt. Traveler began his Internet journey in a clan forum for a game called "Crashday" back in early 2008. He left shortly after, and found "Yugioh Card Maker" forum midway through 2008. He was an active member for quite a while until he left on 2010. One of the YCM moderators put up a casual chatting forum called "37forums" and he also became quite active there for a while, before it shut down because of little activity.

Being completely overwhelmed with memes during the time, Sgt. Traveler found out about Minecraft and joined the Minecraft Forums on May 9, 2011. However, he wasn't being active until later on in the year, on September 2011. He has mostly been involved in the MCF's chat threads, and was a moderator for the Off Topic section of MCF at one point. Today, he is currently an active member of OC. He is trying to leave MCF completely, however he finds himself stumble back and forth in it.


He considers himself consistantly in a negative mood, however, he dislikes it to call it depression. When not depressed, he trends to show anger in his attitude, but occasionally he's a relaxed person. In a worst case scenario, he wishes to intentionally make tally slits on his left arm. Sgt. frequently thinks about commiting suicide, and even attempted at one point. He likes to be lonely, and laughs much more in a Skype call than with friends in real life. He writes electronic music that he uploads to his Soundcloud and Youtube of the same name. He also does a little bit of graphic design, although getting rarely involved in it recently. He is a casual gamer, but takes rhythm games–specifically Stepmania and FlashFlashRevolution–seriously.